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Discovery Academy Private school was founded in 2006 by Dr. Marina Blumin, a Physics PhD researcher at the University of Toronto for 20 years with over 40 years of teaching experience.



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Montessori Growth & Development  

Our program starts with understanding each child’s level, and working from there. Using Montessori kits and products, your child will participate in a variety of… Read More

Academic & Creative Advancement

Students will learn to be creative, apply logical & creative thinking to solving problems, as well as progress in core subjects like Math, Science (Nature), and Language arts… Read More

Confidence, Respect, and Health Oriented Skills  

Children model both the activities and the way in which they are done. Your child will see the attention paid to each individual, respectful social interactions… Read More

Our Unique Program

Discovery Academy program runs from 8:30am-5:30pm with a schedule that incorporates healthy meals, learning activities, fun games, fitness, personal development, and much more. 

A Modern Approach to Education

We created 300 specially developed booklets for our unique program in all the core subjects. Our booklets were designed and prepared by educators, graphic designers, and with the advice of child psychologists. They were created in a hierarchical structure to develop a child’s motivation and the essential skills mentioned below.

Skills That Your Child Will Get:

Students’ future academic success has roots that start from early childhood development. Between the ages of 3-6, important skills like self-discipline, time management, concentration, curiosity, critical thinking as well as love for learning new things are formed. Our designed exercises… Read More

Time Management



Creativity & Memory

Motivation to Study

Independent Learning Skills

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Our Founder

Dr. Marina Blumin founded Discovery Academy in 2006. Since 2001, she has been a part of the Advanced Nanotechnology Research at the University. Dr. Blumin always had a passion for education and devised new techniques and methods to help children improve critical thinking, motivation for education, stress resistance, creativity and memory. With over 40 years of teaching experience, Dr. Blumin created an individualized school program with a mission to raise future generations with skills and mindset that will help them adapt to our ever-evolving world and its challenges.

About Us

Discovery Academy Private School has been providing education to kids of all ages for more than 15 years in the York Region. Our approach includes a family-like environment with personalized and customized individual attention towards each child’s social, cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical, and academic development. By combining Montessori with our Academic approach we achieve great results.


Yes. Our primary location is in Richmond Hill since 2006, which is when we first became licensed.

All our staff have Montessori and Early Childhood Education diplomas and experience. Most importantly our staff love teaching and working with children.

We offer snacks and meals throughout the day. Parents must provide us with full dietary information to best meet each child’s needs.

We are the only private school to create our own education materials and combine Montessori with Academic learning.

The easiest way to make a payment is using E-transfer.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

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